Pastor R. Kent Smith has served as Senior Pastor of Conroe United Pentecostal Church since March 1991.  He and Tracie Smith have two children: Redonia Moreno and Trent Smith. 

    Pastor is an avid reader, scholar of the Word, and graduate of Theology from Texas Bible College. Pastor Smith and his wife, Tracie, compassionately serve the congregation of Conroe United Pentecostal Church, as well as, the citizens of Conroe.  Tracie was instrumental in the formation of our bus ministry.  They both have a heart for this city.

    They are proud "Lollie & Pop," as well.  They love their grandchildren deeply: Presley, Ally, Kenley, Annastyn, and Annberlin.




    Trent has been a part of our church since its inception. As a young child, Trent began to develop a love for the church and community.  In June 2008 Trent married Calah. Calah immediately became a vital part of the ministry team. They have 3 beautiful children: Presley, Ally, and Kenley. 

    Trent is an excellent preacher and ministers weekly.  He is passionate about connecting people with God.  Trent loves to have fun with friends but most importantly, with his family.   



    Office administrator & Worship Arts Director

    Calah has been a part of our church since June of 2008.  Calah has a heart for the church and community.  She is married to Trent Smith.  She is crazy about her 3 beautiful children: Presley, Ally, and Kenley.

    Calah is a dynamic worship leader.  She not only leads from the stage, but she leads from the pew, as well.  Under her leadership, many worship leaders, musicians, and creative elements have been developed.  She is creative and sensitive to the needs of the church and people.  If you haven't heard Calah laugh, you are missing out!  Her laugh is as contagious as her smile.  

  • Pete & Merandi Guerrero

    Student pastor

    Pete and Merandi joined the team in the summer of 2011.They have been a great addition to the team.  They have two handsome boys: Jeremiah & Josiah.

    The students of our church love Pete and Merandi.  The church, as a whole, has great respect for the Guerreros.  They add value to everyone they meet. Additionally, Merandi is a talented musician.  She is Musical Director to our worship band.  


  • Glenda MArtin

    Children's ministry coordinator

    Glenda has served in various roles around the church.  She has been a member of our church for 25 years.  Her steadfastness is an example to all.  Her son, Taylor, is currently in medical school at UTMB.

    During the early years of the church, Glenda was instrumental in the formation of student ministries, both for children and teens.  She seeks God in all things and pushes everyone around her to reach their full potential, in life and in God. Under Glenda's leadership, your children will learn the truth of God's Word.